Day: May 27, 2024

A Helpful Guide to Case Damages, Verdicts, and Settlements

Settlements, damages, and verdicts are all part of the process of making a claim in civil court for personal injury cases. A personal injury claim consists of a demand to be made whole through compensation, and the amount that’s demanded is determined by the accepted value of the victim’s injuries, lost wages, and value of any personal property that was lost as a result of the accident. A texting and driving accident lawyer uses a formula to calculate damages, then submits it to the insurance company as part of a claim. This starts a process that results in a settlement or goes to court to be heard by a judge or jury.

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The texting and driving accident lawyer negotiates with the insurer to come to a reasonable settlement and avoid going to court. In the event that the insurer disagrees, or tries to run out the statute of limitations, the lawyer can take the case to court and ask it to hear the case. When a case goes to court, the injured party can ask for a jury trial or a bench trial. Both types of trials result in a verdict of guilty or not guilty, and the damages are determined after the verdict has been delivered. If the insurer is found liable for damages, they are required to pay out the amount that was set by the court.