Best Questions to Ask your Auto Injury Lawyer

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There are a lot of questions when dealing with an auto injury lawyer. This video will help answer your questions on auto injury and personal injury cases.

The first question is usually about fees. There are contingency fees, that you don’t pay unless you recover. If you do, it’s only a percentage of the total cost. Is the client responsible for the costs? Yes, but you don’t pay it upfront. You pay it from a settlement.

Most cases settle out-of-court before there is ever a trial. In fact, most cases are settled with the insurance companies before a lawsuit is even filed.

What’s the client’s role? If you’ve been injured, it is your job to follow up and see your doctors. Keep records of what the doctors tell you, and follow their treatment plan which may include physical therapies. This is crucial to getting a favorable report.

Also, listen to what the lawyer says. Make sure to have all of your records of the accident, injury, and medical treatment organized so you can provide the lawyers with anything they need to effectively work your case.

Finally, what is your case worth? This cannot be answered at the outset of your case. Medical expenses and the effects on your life, like missed work, will be taken into account to answer this question.

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