Finding an Injury Lawyer After a Car Crash


It is an unfortunate fact that many people are injured or even killed while driving a car or motorcycle or while on the job, and when a person suffers injury in an accident, it is crucial to get the right help. An injury lawyer is often the best option when someone has suffered injuries in a car accident or a workplace incident, and while nothing is being guaranteed here, an injury lawyer or similar attorney by one’s side can greatly improve the odds of receiving settlement money or other compensation during litigation or even court. There are many statistics gathered every year to track how often Americans are hurt or killed in road accidents, and the same is true for workplace accidents of many different kinds. An accident attorney may go a long way toward finding a resolution for a personal injury case.

Dangers of the Road

Over 200 million Americans own a valid driver’s license, meaning that nearly all adults and many adolescents can or are driving on American roads today. However, not all drivers are necessarily fit to be on the road, and impaired or distracted drivers cause many accidents on the roads today. Some car or truck drivers are intoxicated, and alcohol in the bloodstream will impair a driver’s coordination, judgment, and reaction times on the road. This makes them much more likely to either crash into another car or pedestrian, or fail to avoid another car or truck that is about to hit them. In fact, it is illegal to have a BAC, or blood alcohol content, at or above 0.08% in any case, meaning that a driver can be pulled over and arrested for DUI even if they did not hit anyone or anything. This can often be fatal; the National Safety Council estimated that some 40,100 people were killed in auto accidents in 2017 alone, and many more people were injured.

Distracted drivers are another issue, those who are preoccupied with electronic devices while driving. These drivers are not even looking at the road, and this can cause them to hit other cars or pedestrians, or run red lights or stop signs or even damage property. For this reason, using cell phones while driving is often illegal, and like drunk driving, it causes many road-based fatalities and injury cases every year. And finally, heavy snow or rain can increase the odds of an accident, since such weather impairs drivers’ vision and makes the road slick.

Work Accidents

Workplace injuries are common too, especially those at physically demanding jobs like construction or factory work, or working outdoors. Construction workers face many dangers, such as slipping and falling from a great height, getting arms or legs trapped in machines or crushed under heavy items, or getting run over by construction vehicles. Workers might also be exposed to flames or breathe in hazardous fumes or silicate particles. Park rangers, meanwhile, might slip and tumble down a hill, or they may be mauled, bitten, or stung by wildlife such as bears, cougars, snakes, or spiders.

An Injury Lawyer

Someone who was hurt in a car accident or on the job may want to call upon the aid of an injury lawyer to represent their case in litigation or even court. An injury lawyer will specialize in such cases, and even among injury lawyers, there may be further specializations such as for car crashes or work injuries. A victim may be emotionally charged and subjective about the case, but a lawyer representing them will be clear-headed and have an objective approach to the case. Such a lawyer will be able to use their legal expertise to further the client’s case in litigation or court, and this can help the client get settlement money or another arrangement if everything goes well. A victim may, as soon as they are able, look up local personal injury law firms and get consultations from the lawyers there (which may or may not incur a fee). The client can find and hire a lawyer whose expertise, experience, and personality are all to their liking, and together, they can start building their case. Then they can pursue litigation or, in rare cases, take the matter to court.

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