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Don’t Risk Serving Time by Hiring the Wrong Attorney

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Most people never expect to be arrested for something they did not even do. Despite this, it has been estimated that approximately 10,000 Americans are wrongful convicted of serious crimes every year. The use of DNA evidence has caused at least 300 criminal cases overthrown since 1989. Additionally, experts report that innocent people have served 3,944 years in prisons around the country. With the number of arrests going up, more and more people are at risk for going to jail. If find yourself needing assault attorney services, you need to make sure you hire the right one for your case and situation. It is important to remember that you still have rights after being arrested.

  1. Talk to the people you know. With so many Americans being arrested every day, you may know people who have had to get the help from assault attorney services. This is not typically something that people tell their friends about so you may not know that they have been arrested. Talk to the people in your life that you trust and that can give you advice that you may follow. You might not end up being that you hire the same person your family or friend used but this can give you a good starting point.
  2. Look to the American Bar Associationandnbsp;and Nolo. Both of these sites have good information on all kinds of lawyers in every part of the country. Similarly, if you have a list of law firms already, you should look at their websites. Many have testimonials and other information about their law practice and experience.
  3. Get the right kind of attorney. Not all criminal defense lawyers handle the same kinds of cases. If you need assault attorney services, a sex crime attorney may not be able to help you. Like medical professionals, lawyers specialize. You need a lawyer who has a lot of experience in your kind of case. They also need to have a lot of experience working with prosecutors in your area. Nearly 96% of all criminal cases are not settled in court but in negotiations before. You need someone with a solid reputation.
  4. Interview at least three law firms. When you are looking for assault attorney services, you need to take your time and get the lawyer that can really help you. It may be tempting to just go with the first lawyer you talk to who offers assault attorney services but that is a mistake. In the end, you may find that you do hire that law firm but it is important to get an idea of what your options are and take your time to talk to a few law firms and get the very best lawyer for you. Criminal defense law firms do offer free first consultations for prospective clients so you should take advantage of that.
  5. Ask the right questions. You want a lawyer who is passionate about what they do. They need to be willing to fight for you as hard as they can to protect your right and your freedom. Ask them why they picked assault attorney services, how long they have worked in that area and what percentage of their practice is devoted to it. You need someone who works on a lot of these cases.
  6. Make sure you understand the billing terms. Most law firms have their own way of doing the billing. You need to know what you will be charged, whether or not you have to pay it up front and what additional fees you may be responsible for. Get all of that in writing. That way there will be no surprises later on. Ask questions about the billing if it seems confusing.
  7. Pay attention to the rapport you have with the lawyer. You want a compassionate lawyer who treats you with respect and that you can communicate with freely and openly. This person does not have to become your best friend but you are going to have to be totally honest with them. This is one reason you need to spend some time with them before you pick one.

Being arrested, for anything, is very stressful and upsetting. Having the right lawyer by your side will help.


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Experiencing Child Custody and Support Issues? Contact a Family Law Firm for Legal Advice

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When you’re looking for family law legal advice, you want to contact a family law practice with your questions. This is particularly important when there are issues with child custody and support. Rather than postpone contacting an attorney for legal advice, it makes sense to do it as soon as possible if you have children and are seeking a divorce.

You may be interested to know that a divorce occurs approximately every 36 seconds in the United States. While marriages that end in divorce last nine years on average, the age at which couples get married has been shown to make a difference.

Couples that marry when they are less than 20 years of age, for example, tend to become divorced more often than couples between the ages of 20-to-24. When couples marry after 25, however, they do not become divorced as often.

When a couple getting divorced has children, many create some type of informal or legal child support agreement. As of October, 2013, this was the case for approximately half of the 14.4 million custodial parents, according to a U.S. Census Bureau report, Custodial Mothers and Father and Their Child Support: 2011.

While the amount of child support custodial parents receive does vary depending on a variety of factors,including the non-custodial parent’s income, the average amount received was approximately $311 a month in 2011. At this time, it was also found that $37.9 billion in back child support was owed, with an average monthly amount due of $500.

Have you been awarded child support and are not receiving the mutually agreed-upon or court-mandated amount? If this is the case, then a family law firm will be able to assist you with this process.

When one or both members of a couple are seeking a divorce, and there are issues with child custody and support, then it’s important to work with an attorney experienced in family law child custody cases. In some circumstances, these family law child custody cases can be resolved out of court. Others, however, may prove challenging and require a judge’s intervention.

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