Month: January 2017

Don’t Risk Serving Time by Hiring the Wrong Attorney

Los angeles theft lawyer

Most people never expect to be arrested for something they did not even do. Despite this, it has been estimated that approximately 10,000 Americans are wrongful convicted of serious crimes every year. The use of DNA evidence has caused at least 300 criminal cases overthrown since 1989. Additionally, experts report that innocent people have served 3,944 years in prisons around the country. With the number of arrests going up, more and more people are at risk for going to jail. If find yourself needing assault attorney services, you need to make sure you hire the right one for your case and situation. It is important to remember that you still have r Read More

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Experiencing Child Custody and Support Issues? Contact a Family Law Firm for Legal Advice

Family law attorneys in orange county

When you’re looking for family law legal advice, you want to contact a family law practice with your questions. This is particularly important when there are issues with child custody and support. Rather than postpone contacting an attorney for legal advice, it makes sense to do it as soon as possible if you have children and are seeking a divorce.

You may be interested to know that a divorce occurs approximately every 36 seconds in the United States. While marriages that end in divorce last nine Read More

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