Month: July 2017

Why Dash Cameras Improve Police-Public Interactions

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Police body and dash-mounted cameras could help create more cooperation and positive interactions with public relations. A police dash cam creates an expectation of visibility, similar to an impartial bystander who will remember every detail of the interaction perfectly. In 2015, one study found that 6,000 out of the 18,000 police departments in California were assigning body cams to their officers, with good reason.

The Pew Research Group decided to do a study on how a police dash cam and body cam might affect their interactions with the public on the job. About Read More

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I Have Been Injured On The Job Should I Hire An Attorney?

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The moment you question whether or not you need an attorney is the moment your situation can feel entirely out of your hands. How can you get your life back together when you’re unable to even solve an issue on your own? It’s important to remember that you’re not alone in your moment of strife. An attorney is a resource you can tap into to help you navigate murky waters and come out on top, rather than going the easy and less successful route of going solo. Accident claims lawyers or auto accident lawyer, there’s a start to your path just waiting to be discovered.

Bankruptcy Claims

While the rate of bankruptcy has decreased significantly over the past few decades, there are still businesses and individuals who seek out the aid of a bankruptcy Read More

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Real Estate Contracts and You Here’s The Information You Need

Adverse possession

Unless you are a real estate lawyer or you are a part of the real estate firm, there is a limited amount of knowledge you have in terms of knowing the ins and outs of the real estate business. Even if you are aware of the details and intricacies of there are other rules that are specific to the location of the real estate. Some of these rules will involved the role of property law in business, zoning restrictions and zoning rules, and even personal property laws. If you are trying to negotiate a real estate contract or make changes to a real estate contract you are already a part of, then you should consider getting a real estate lawyer to help you work through any potential problems with your real estate contract. Out of 200 homes, at l Read More

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