Day: January 24, 2022

What is the Difference Between Bail and Bond

Bail and bond ensure that you can get out of jail as you attend your court cases. Usually, when you appear in court for the first time after your arrest, and the judge reads your charges, which you end up pleading not guilty, you will be required to stay in jail as you await your next court hearing. The judge will also set a bail amount that you will be expected to pay to get out of jail. Therefore, if you have the money to post bail, you will be allowed to be out of jail.

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However, it is a must that you keep attending your court sessions. You will not be exempted from the court proceedings. These are the terms that come with both bail and bond.

If you cannot raise the money to post your cash bail, you can use a bond agent. In this regard, you can buy insurance bonds. You will have to pay some premium here since the bond agent will be working with an insurance company. You also have to post some collateral; this can be your house or car. If you do not show up for your court proceedings, these things will be taken. Therefore, once you attend all your court proceedings until the end, you will have your bail or bond back. So ensure you follow the terms and conditions set to avoid friction.


What to Know Before Hiring a Workers Compensation Lawyer

An accident can happen anytime at work. You can have an injury or a broken knee for some reason. A workers compensation lawyer helps workers who are injured. They help claim claims from these injuries, which includes medical bills.

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Workers compensation laws are governed depending on states ruling. It provides insurance and guarantees any employee or dependents in case of emergency and accidents. However, some employees don’t know what to do and make these common mistakes upon claiming their claims.

Here are the common mistakes that people make in workers’ compensation claims.

Not telling the doctors you got hurt at work.
Not telling the authority what happened, it will be hard for you to file your claims. Ensure that you know what happened, and you clearly state them with your doctor.

Rejecting workers compensation doctor
One of the common mistakes is rejecting your doctor’s compensation doctor. They are the key person to file your claims. Without their help, it will be hard for you to proceed with the steps.

Waiting too long to file your claim
Don’t wait too long to file a claim. File as soon as possible.

Not signing the award of the agreement.
It is also vital to sign the award agreement. Failing to sign may nullify your claim.

Quitting your job
Don’t quit your job unless you receive your claim.

A workers compensation lawyer will help you get your claims.