A Lawyer For Medical Malpractice or Workplace Injuries


Personal injury is a common reason that Americans today seek lawyers, and a person today may suffer injury after a drunk driver hits them on the road. In other cases, a construction worker may suffer injuries while on the work site, or a patient may suffer from medical malpractice. Should any of this happen, a victim may look for a personal injury lawyer from an injury attorney firm near them, and such firms can be found online. A medical malpractice lawyer in particular is helpful after surgery has gone wrong, and medical malpractice lawyers are hired more often than some Americans may realize. After a botched surgery, for example, a medical malpractice lawyer can represent their client in seeking compensation. Injury attorneys, meanwhile, may have construction workers or car accident victims as their clients.

Hiring a Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Many injuries in the United States today are due to traffic accidents or workplace incidents, but medical malpractice is unfortunately common as well. Today in the United States, medical malpractice makes up around 15% of all personal injury cases, and every year, some 20,000 medical malpractice claims are filed. A doctor or surgeon may perform surgery badly and result in pain in the patient’s back or muscles or their joints, for example. Or, a plate or screws may be badly installed and cause stiffness, pain, and other problems with the patient, and careless surgery may result in even worse symptoms such as partial or total blindness or paralysis or the loss of use of limbs. Should any of this happen, a patient may reach out to medical malpractice lawyers in nearby law firms that specialize in such cases. The client may hire a medical malpractice lawyer to represent them during litigation against the at-fault party’s hospital or other employer, and this lawyer may help their client get the compensation money and settlement that they want.

Injury on the Road or Construction Site

It may not be surprising to hear that motor vehicle accidents make up a massive 52% of all personal injury cases in the United States, since many American adults are driving on roads today. Over 200 million Americans young and old have valid driver’s licenses, and this gives them freedom to drive but also exposes them to danger. Drunk or distracted drivers may drive erratically and recklessly, and they are likely to hit pedestrians or other cars. Drunk drivers have a BAC, or blood alcohol content, of 0.08% or higher, and they have impaired coordination, judgment, and reaction times that make them dangerous drivers. This often results in property damage and injury, and the injured party may seek settlement. A car accident victim may hire a personal injury lawyer, or even one who specializes in car accidents, and use their help in pursuing litigation. Unlike their injured clients, these lawyers will have the clarity of mind and expertise with the law to build and pursue an effective legal case against the at-fault party’s insurance company and get settlement. The lawyers can also handle complications such as an uncooperative insurance company, or when there are multiple parties involved. A car accident lawyer can figure out the distribution of blame and settlement money if there are many parties involved.

Something similar may be done for construction workers who are injured on the job. Such workers are known to face many hazards, such as slipping and falling from great heights onto sheer concrete or piles of bricks. These workers may get struck by construction vehicles, get arms or legs trapped in machinery or under heavy loads, or burn themselves on blow torches. Construction workers also face airborne hazard, as a construction site will have airborne silicate particles that can cause lung disease. That, or workers may accidentally inhale harmful fumes from spray foam chemicals, paint thinner or primer, or even exhaust from nearby motors. An afflicted construction worker may consult their contractor team’s construction lawyer, and/or consult personal injury law firms near them. The AAA, the American Arbitration Association, handles large construction litigation cases for anything from late invoices to property damage to multiple worker injuries. Some of these cases end up quite large, due to the construction industry’s enormous size and value. This includes worker injury cases as well.

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