An Introspective Look At Car Accidents In the United States


With six million car accidents occurring on a yearly basis here in the United States, there is no doubt about it that car accidents are truly far more prevalent than they should be. While some of these car accidents are likely to be minor, many will be much more severe, and the cost of them both in terms of finances as well as human life itself, can be astronomical. When we look at car accidents, it is hugely important to look at their causes – particularly the ones that are highly preventable.

Driving while distracted is one such cause, and is growing more and more dangerous as technology advances, with more than six hundred and fifty thousand people distracted while driving at any given point in time throughout the day here in the United States. Thanks to the smart phone primarily, distracted driving rates have climbed quite a bit in recent years, and distracted driving is far from safe. Driving while distracted, even if you only look down at your phone (or other electronic device) for just a few seconds, could easily result in a loss of life, either your own or the life of someone around you. At the end of the day, it is far from worth it.

Aside from distracted driving, driving while under the influence has also become a huge problem, a fact that any DUI attorney will be able to tell you, as DUI attorneys often find that they have their hands full, dealing with a large number of cases surrounding driving while intoxicated. Though driving under the influence can encompass a number of substances, it is alcohol that is perhaps the most prominent. When we look at the drunk driving rates that are seen in the United States it is easy to see why, even without DUI attorneys explaining them to us.

Every single day, in fact, it is estimated that up to three hundred thousand people will get behind the wheel of a car or other such motor vehicle while they are under the influence of alcohol. Every time they do so, they end up putting a great deal of people at risk, including themselves. Unfortunately, only around four thousand of these people actually end up being arrested over the course of the day, and the average habitual drunk driver will get away with driving drunk as many as eighty times before finally being caught and apprehended.

And the cost of drunk driving is high. Each and every day here in the United States, as many as twenty eight people will die from drunk driving related incidents over the course of just one single day. And in addition to this, a new person will become injured in such an even for every two minute span of time that passes, all throughout all times of the day as well as of the night.

Even though drunk driving is so devastating, this does not mean that the impact of driving under the influence of a drug other than alcohol can be any less so. In fact, these types of car accidents are so prevalent as to make up sixteen percent of all car accidents seen over the course of year here in the United States alone. When we consider driving under the influence, it is important to think about any legal medications you might be taking as well, as even these can be mind altering and can make it very dangerous to drive, to say the least.

DUI attorneys take drunk driving and driving while under the influence very seriously, and many DUI attorneys are incredibly committed to stopping and preventing drunk driving and driving under the influence altogether. If you are the victim of a drunk driving case, talented DUI attorneys can help you to get the compensation that you deserve, especially if you have had to endure a considerable amount of pain and suffering as a result of the drunk driving car crash. DUI attorneys can also help to spread awareness when it comes to drunk driving and driving under the influence as well, something that can be hugely helpful when it comes to reduce these rates.

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