Are You Suffering From a Car Accident?


Are you suffering from a back injury due to a car accident? If so, you should highly consider speaking with a back injury attorney. If you’re interested in learning about the most common types of back injuries caused by car accidents, tune in to watch this video.

Experiencing an accident can be scary and overwhelming. It’s always good to know what back injuries one can expect afterward.

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The most common types of injuries that occur to the spinal cord are compression, torsion, and dislocation.

A compression injury usually occurs during a high-impact collision. This will cause a build-up of blood and inflammation around the spinal cord. These damages can limit your motor function and limb movement for a long period of time.

A torsion injury is caused by rear and side-impact collisions. This can fracture the vertebrae in the back. The long-term effects of this injury are most times life changing.

A dislocation back injury is caused by extreme accidents. These damages are also life changing and can even result in paralysis.

These injuries often require surgeries and external stabilization. It’s best to find a good back injury attorney to ensure you are compensated for the damages done after a car accident.


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