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Updated 3/24/2021

After someone is arrested, they are allowed to see a judge fairly quickly. This first hearing is to determine whether bail will be granted and how much that bail will be if it is. If bail is offered, most people go to a bail bonding company that will place the bond in exchange for a small part of that bail upfront. A bail agent then places the bail and the person arrested is soon freed up until they have their next court appearance.

Many people hear the term bail bond services or bonding out of jail but do not fully understand what that means and what all is involved. Essentially, bail is an amount that a judge says has to be paid for someone to get out of jail and to be allowed to wait at home for the assigned date of their trial.

How do bonding companies work? They lend the bond and get paid back when the arrested person shows up for their court date. This makes things easier on the person who was arrested, allowing them to post just a small amount of the bail to the bail bonding company and getting to leave jail.

Wondering how to find out if someone has bail? Call the jail. This information will be in their database. How to find out who bailed someone out of jail? Your phone call to the jail itself can sometimes get you this information. If it hasn’t gone into their database yet, however, it may not be available. How to pay someone’s bail? Calling the jail itself can help you to find out what to do next.

A bail bondsman is someone who pays that bail for people who otherwise could not afford it, and they are then repaid after the court hearing and the sentence has been handed down by the judge. The biggest issue with getting bailed out of jail is that if someone is arrested while out on bail or they fail to show up to their court hearing they are essentially negating the terms of the bail bond and are in even bigger legal trouble.

The idea of bail and jail is common within the legal industry because many people who make bail have trouble showing up for their court hearing and try to make a run for it. This is why issues with bail arguments and amounts along with bail bond interest rate and amounts are levied in an attempt to make it harder for someone to flee while out on bail.


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