Calling a Lawyer After a Car Crash


American roads go nearly everywhere in urban and rural locations across the country, from multi-lane freeways to narrow country lanes, but the flip side of this endless travel convenience is exposure to danger. In particular, drunk drivers, those who are DUI: Driving Under the Influence. Even drugs may be in the afflicted driver’s system, and this will vastly increase the likelihood if a car crash or hitting a pedestrian or bicyclist. When such a crash does occur and people are injured, the injured party will probably want to reach a monetary settlement with the at-fault party’s insurance and take the case to court if necessary. Asking oneself “Do I need a DUI lawyer?” is an important step to take after a crash occurred and injuries were sustained. A DUI attorney, in particular, will have experience with such cases and can bring them to a quick and satisfying end.

Injury and the Road

Many injuries and fatalities today involve motor vehicles and roads. In fact, of all personal injury cases, 52% of them involve motor vehicle accidents, and drunk drivers exacerbate this problem. Every day, in fact, an estimated 300,000 driving sessions while drunk are undertake, but under 4,000 arrests will be made. And every year, some 3 million people will suffer injury in car accidents in the United States. Given how around 6 million car accidents happen per year in the United States, it is clear that these crashes result in injury nearly half the time. It is easy to say that DUI drivers make up a large percentage of these cases, and once a crash has happened, the injured party should ask “Do I need a DUI lawyer?” Most likely, that will be the case.

Do I need a DUI Lawyer?

A personal injury claim can be difficult for an injured driver to undertake and complete on his or her own, but an attorney, especially one who specializes in DUI cases, can make all the difference.

For one thing, the injured party may not be thinking rationally or clearly after the crash, given the emotional trauma that was experienced, and the anger at the at-fault party. This can prevent objective thinking, but a lawyer will be objective and detached, and able to make rational and sensible decisions and actions on the client’s behalf. For another, the true nature of the harm may not be clear to the client. Permanent injuries that prevent the person from working again can have far-reaching financial implications that the client cannot figure out, but a lawyer will know how to calculate that and have it impact the court case and the demands.

Also, sometimes the at-fault party’s insurance company may refuse to pay the total amount demanded, or even any of it, and a client working alone would probably reach a dead end at this point. However, a personal injury lawyer will have the legal skills and experience to handle this and keep the negotiations going so the proper settlement is reached. Another obstacle will be a situation where several parties were injured or are blamed for the accident. In this case, a prosecutor representing him/herself may be overwhelmed by the complicated case, while an attorney can figure out who is assigned what blame, and how the compensation money should be distributed.

“Do I need a DUI lawyer?” When the answer is yes, the potential client can start the search for one as soon as they recover at least somewhat from their injuries. Many different law firms are available, and some of them, or at least some attorneys working in them, may specialize in car crash and DUI cases, and such experts can handle personal injury law more effectively than a general lawyer. A prospective client can also check each attorney’s experience, skills, and educational background, and choose one with the right qualifications and level of trust. The lawyer is someone the client will have to cooperate with and get along with, so their case can move forward smoothly.

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