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Why You Need a Timeshare Lawyer

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Do you have a timeshare that you?d like to get out of? A timeshare can be a great buy, but it?s also an industry that is filled with scams and false claims. Many people go to a timeshare sales pitch billed as ?one hour? in exchange for tickets to a theme park or other free gift, only to find that one hour turning into four or five hours. Other times, while a timeshare might be fine, people?s financial situations just change. If you want to cancel a timeshare or are looking to get rid of a timeshare, it?s probably wise to look for timeshare lawyers to help. Here?s three reasons why:

To Protect You From Litigation

Or, to prosecute litigation on your behalf! Litigation is a powerful way for you to send a message to a shady timeshare owner that they won?t get away with misrepresenting their properties or the timeshare contracts. Only timeshare lawyers or other legal professionals are able to initiate, investigate, and pursue all avenues in a litigation. And, should a timeshare property management company attempt to litigate against you for failure to pay exorbitant maintenance fees that just keep going up every year, or for trying to sell or donate your property.

To Protect you From Debt Collectors

If you?ve sought timeshare contract release because of the exorbitant prices for maintenance or the escalating interest rates, it?s possible that a management company may send debt collectors to your door. Legally, debt collectors are forbidden to talk to buyers directly if they?ve retained timeshare lawyers. Having a timeshare attorney can protect you not only from being harassed personally, but also show the management company that you are ready for them. This may help with negotiations later as you work out how to get rid of a timeshare legally.

To Help You Understand All Your Options

A timeshare cancellation lawyer can help you work out whether it?s possible to get a foreclosure, illuminate the options about selling a timeshare, find out if it?s an option to cancel the timeshare, or even negotiate for the property management to take the timeshare back. If it can be shown that there were false claims made during the sale, a good attorney can pressure the owner to cancel the contract. There are probably more choices and options than you think.