Four Funny Workers Comp Stories From 2013


Workers compensation attorneys

Every year, Americans from all across the country file for workers compensation benefits after they suffer an injury or illness while on the job. While some just need time to recuperate after a minor injury, like a sprained ankle, forced them to get off their feet, others might need expenses covered because they had surgery for a condition that developed over time. While most cases that workers compensation attorneys will see are pretty bland and standard, but some are quite bizarre. Every year, LexisNexis highlights some of the best, and last year did not disappoint.

Truck vs. Baling Machine

When a worker in Montana struggled to dislodge a piece of metal from a Baling machine, he tied one end of a chain to the item and the other to the back of a pickup truck. After accelerating, the chain ran out of slack and the truck was pulled off of the ground, causing his head to snap, giving him whiplash. Unfortunately for him, he was not able to prove the injury and its cause, and therefore ineligible for compensation.

Pizza Burns

Sometimes, little office pranks are good for a hearty laugh and a little morale boost during tedious and monotonous work days. However, when a California pizza cook decided to put the tray that servers use to deliver pizza in the oven, it got so hot that the server severely burned his hand. Luckily, the pizza shop didn’t have to pay anything beyond workers comp, even when the employee tried to sue.

Horseplay Karma

Horsing around at work is something a lot of employees do, even though their managers might not like it. In Ohio, a woman who was known for doing “the windmill” (the exact move is a bit unclear) was able to get compensation after falling and breaking her wrist. Getting hurt at work, even if you are messing around, can result in compensation. But her lawsuit was denied when she tried to get more.

Drunken Dropper

An Oregon man tried to get compensation for his injuries after he fell off of a ledge while intoxicated. He said that the cause of his fall might have been intoxication — he had a BAC of .25 — but the concrete he landed on caused the injuries. Despite his best efforts, he was turned down and never received any money.

There are lots more funny stories, and some of them are far more tragic, having to do with workers compensation laws. Unfortunately, workplace injuries are common and, at times, unavoidable. If you get hurt and there is any uncertainty about whether or not you are eligible for compensation, hiring a skilled and experienced lawyer could be the smartest first step.

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