How a Great Lawyer is Your Only Chance of Acquittal in a Criminal Case


Drug defense attorneys

If you are ever charged with a crime, such as driving under the influence, your first move should be to get in touch with a criminal defense law firm. Especially if you are charged with DUI, you should look for the best possible DUI defense attorney you can. If you live in California, attorney John P Dolan might be the attorney you’re looking for.

John Patrick Dolan attended Western State University College of Law, from which he graduated in 1977 with his Juris Doctorate. During his college years, he was recognized as a nationally ranked debater. Unsurprisingly, those skills have translated into proficiency in the courtroom. Plus, during law school, he served as a law clerk and sat second chair on numerous criminal cases, including two murder trials.

When he’s not practicing law, broadcasting, or speaking professionally, John Patrick Dolan spends his time playing racquetball and practicing Shotokan Karate. Amazingly enough, he is a black belt. Dolan takes pride in being a legal expert and a well rounded-lawyer, and he is arguably one of the best people to turn to when you need the services of a criminal defense lawyer.

Criminal defense lawyer John P Dolan can answer any questions you might have, such as “what are my options after facing multiple DUI charges?” and “what is the difference between DWI and DUI?” Furthermore, in addition to his professional legal experience, John Patrick Dolan serves as CEO of LawTalk MCLE, Inc., a continuing legal education company.

At the end of the day, when you need a DUI defense lawyer, you might want to turn to John Patrick Dolan. He is recognized as a top-notch lawyer, and when you’re facing a charge of driving against the influence, you want to be able to trust the best. Find more on this topic here:

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