How Do Bail Bonds Work?


If you or a loved one ever are arrested for a serious crime and put in jail, you’ll need to understand how bail bonds work. Luckily, a bail bond agent will be able to help you. Keep reading to learn how bail bonds work.

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Once you are arrested, you must wait in jail until a bail hearing where the judge will set the bail amount. After this hearing there are two options, hire a bail bond agent to post your bail, or return to jail until your trial.

When you hire a bail bond agent, have as much information as possible about the person in jail. This includes their full name, the jail they are in, their booking number, and the charges.

Along with a fee paid to the bail agent, you may need to sign over collateral. collateral is a property like a house, car, or jewelry that helps guarantee the defendant will show up for court.

Once the fee is paid and any collateral is signed over, the bail agent will post the bail on your behalf and you will be released until your trial.

To learn more about how bail bonds work, watch the video above!


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