How Does You Accident Attorney Decide on a Settlement Amount

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This video gives you an idea of how your accident attorney will help you calculate your settlement amount for a car accident or personal injury case. Usually, the amount you are entitled to when it comes to compensation after an auto accident will be based on how much any injuries cost and how much it will take to repair your vehicle. An accident attorney will help you figure out how to calculate the value of any damage to your car, and organize any details that will need to be considered such as the original value of the vehicle and what condition it was in before the accident occurred.

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There are factors to think about such as milage, depreciation, and so on. You will need to know the cost of all the damages including the cost of the actual parts that will be needed to complete the repairs.

When it comes to injuries it can be much more challenging to calculate the cost since there is no standard cost for a particular type of injury unlike with car parts which have a set value. The impact of an injury will be different from one person to the next. Depending on their occupation, economic status, family circumstances, etc. The financial impact on a parent with several children versus a single person with no dependents. This will be taken into account when calculating a case settlement. Your accident attorney will be able to give you more information about any settlement you might be able to receive.

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