How to Choose an Estate Planning Lawyer


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If you are getting your estate in order, you will want to work with an estate planning attorney. This video discusses key attributes to look for when searching for the right estate attorney.

The first thing to look for is that the lawyer you’re considering regularly or exclusively practices estate planning law. Not just any lawyer will do because there are a lot of specifics within estate planning.

Experience is another factor to consider. While experience isn’t solely what you want to look at, it is usually a good indicator of the kind of knowledge an attorney has. Most attorneys rely much more heavily on the practical knowledge they gain while practicing versus anything they read in law school.

For estate planning, you’ll want a lawyer with some experience in tax law. While having knowledge and experience with wills, probate, and trusts is a must, taxes do factor in significantly. You want your lawyer to have a solid amount of knowledge in tax law.

The lawyer’s education is another factor, though not very high on the list. Experience definitely matters more, and the feeling you get when you speak to them. Having a prompt, organized, and experienced attorney is more important than their degree. For more information, check out the video above.

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