The Importance Of Construction Law


If you work in construction and haven’t considered hiring a construction lawyer, perhaps it is time to rethink the way you run your business. Construction law is a rapidly growing concentration in law and plenty of employers and workers in the construction industry can and should have these litigation attorneys in their corners in the event that they are needed to settle a dispute. In 2015 alone 551 cases involving construction law were fought, valuing at a combined total of 5.5 billion dollars. That’s a lot of money that construction employees obviously don’t want to let slip by the wayside, so lawyers dealing with the construction companies are always working at the top of their game to ensure that they are able to keep track of every penny and gain the approvals that the construction companies require.

You may be asking that age-old question, how do I find a lawyer?

Finding a lawyer to take your construction law case is just as simple as finding any other lawyer. All it really takes putting in the time to properly research the lawyers in your area concentrating in construction law and finding the one that best suits your needs (and, of course, your price range). Hiring a lawyer is a delicate decision that can be highly rewarding as long as one does the proper research into their potential litigation’s background. Find out what cases each attorney has taken on, what they have won, and where their biggest strengths lie.

When do I need a lawyer?

If you are beginning a project and need to be sure that everything s about to run smoothly (and legally), a construction lawyer can handle all of the technicalities for you so that you can focus solely on the job at hand. In the case that a permit is or some specified form of government permission is required, a construction lawyer will know exactly what to do and who to reach out to in order to ensure that every aspect of your project is completely above the line. In the event of a worst-case scenario, a construction lawyer will be there for have your back in the event of a lawsuit. It is always better to be safe and have a lawyer from the onset, rather than to struggle on your own until it is far too late to go back and fix anything that had gone wrong.

While a construction attorney may seem at first like taking things to the extreme and a waste of the hard-earned money that you managed to make on the last job, the benefits that come along with having a lawyer on hand make it obvious that you do not want to be caught in a sticky situation without one. For an industry that is valued at over 1,162 billion dollars, it is important to make sure that every base is covered. Any legal action taken against you due to a misunderstanding or miscommunication could delay your construction project or, even worse, shut your project down entirely. Wouldn’t you rather be standing with a lawyer by your side and a check in your pocket looking at a brand new building that your team has assembled than in court fighting tooth and nail to find out what went wrong after is too late to do anything to save a project that you lost due to a mistake that anyone could have made? A construction attorney should always be your first and last line of defense to keep you out of the courts on the high-rise, putting the finishing touches on the next monumental school building or hospital gracing your city.

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