The list of federal laws can be useful to many people


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There are scores of websites that can provide those interested in learning more about the legal and judicial system with a list of federal laws, some of which were created more than 200 years ago. These lists are informative, as well as historical in nature.
The definition of a legal federal laws list is that it is a chronological, but always incomplete, list of United States federal legislation. So long as the U.S. Congress continues to enact laws, so far more than approximately 200 to 600 statutes during each of its 112 biennial terms, or more than 20,000 statutes since 1789, the list of federal laws will never be complete.
In the United States, legislation, such as statutes or statutory law at the federal level consists exclusively of acts passed by the Congress of the United States and its predecessor, the Continental Congress. These acts were either signed into law by the President or passed by Congress after a presidential veto. Legislation is not the only source of regulations with the force of law. It should be noted that most Executive and Judicial branch regulations must originate in a congressional grant of power.
Federal laws are the laws of the government of a United States as a federation. They are separate and distinct from state laws in that they apply to all states as opposed to only a single local state. A list of federal laws, beginning with the very first one enacted April 23, 1784 — Northwest Ordinance of 1784, are useful to law students and professors as well as human rights organizations, history buffs, students and many more people.
This list of federal laws can be found in the Georgetown law center. Georgetown law students can access the list by using Georgetown Law MyAccess, a password system that gives students and faculty access to the University’s diverse online legal library. Other well known universities with intense law programs, such as UCLA and Stanford have similar virtual and physical libraries for student and faculty use. To access a list of federal laws, those with ID and passwords could view Stanford law library or UCLA law library to see these laws in the united states.

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