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If a Legal Career Is Your Dream, Then Get a Great Education

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The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in 2012, about 992,650 people were employed in legal occupations, the greater majority being lawyers, paralegals, and legal assistants. If you want to learn about the laws in the United States, or pursue a legal career, then a Georgetown University Law program is a great choice, and has probably already been recommended to you. However, if you are undecided, then here are three reasons you might want to consider an education at Georgetown University Law School.

  • Not one, but two great libraries.
  • Did you know that the libraries at the Georgetown University Law Center are the fourth largest in the nation? There are two many libraries on companies, the John Wolff International and Comparative Law Library, and the Edward Bennett Williams Law Library. The Wolff library is specialized to house primary and secondary law materials from international and foreign sources. This library has resources from South Africa, France, Mexico, Australia, Canada, and more. Many of the legal materials are translated into English, so if foreign law is your interest, then this library will be a tremendous resource to you. The Edward Bennet Williams library is focused on providing information about United States Law. Between these two libraries, you might not miss the fact that the Stanford Law library is across the country.

  • The Georgetown Law Center provides a number of educational options.
  • There are scores of academic programs at the law school to help aspiring individuals achieve their J.D., LL.M., and S.J.D. degrees. Students are expected to complete their education over three years if they attend full time. Depending on which degree you are striving for, you may enroll in a program around any one of the following topics.

    • Taxation
    • Global Health Law
    • Securities and Financial Regulation
    • Contracts
    • Torts
    • Property
    • Civil Procedure
    • Criminal Procedure
  • Pursuing a legal career is easier with a great education.
  • In this economic climate, no school can guarantee quick or even potential placement in a position that is appropriate for your degree, but your chances are always increased by having a good education, and Georgetown University Law boasts a great track record. In 2010, their career placement stats put students in the private sector with a median starting salary of $160,000. About 51.7% of students went into private practice, about 14.7% went into government, and about 42% chose Washington D.C. as their place of practice.

A legal school degree, and a legal job, are by far not the easiest of educations or careers to obtain. Their law school is highly ranked by U.S. News and World Report annually among only 14 other schools. If you are intent on creating a place for yourself in the world where you can serve to understand and uphold legal systems, then Georgetown University is one popular choice.

The Top Source for Law in the United States

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According to the Merriam Webster online dictionary, the definition of legal is “of or relating to law.” Given the brevity of that definition, not to mention the fact that almost every person and entity is governed by a complex framework of laws and regulations, there is quite a bit of room for inquiry and debate. For Americans, the circuitous network of laws in the United States is impossible to decipher without the assistance of an attorney.

For those who do not mind spending three years in law school, after already going through a minimum of four years in college, a law career can be a rewarding and lucrative choice. Some of the top law schools in the country are the Georgetown University law school, Standford law school, and UCLA law school. Unfortunately, gaining admission to any of the above law schools is highly competitive. In fact, it is so competitive that the above schools accept fewer than 10 percent of the applicants who are courageous enough to apply.

While the American law and its legal framework can be fascinating, most of us do not have to worry about law school acceptance rates and studying for the state bar exams. However, it can be valuable for everyone to know at least the most basic law definitions. Unfortunately, we do not have access to the amazing resources that are available at the top academic law libraries such as the UCLA Law Library or the Stanford Law Library, there are more than enough online legal resources to serve the purposes of the typical layperson.

As Americans, we enjoy some of the strongest legal rights in the world. No matter what an individual does, or the severity of their crime, unless their guilt can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law, they will be set free. Thus, it is in the best interest of every citizen to be aware of their rights, and the limits of those rights. The good news is, with an internet connection, we do not need access to the UCLA Law Library to be informed of our legal rights.

Four Things You Might Not Have Known About the Georgetown University Law Center

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Georgetown University Law Center is the law school division of Georgetown University, and has provided legal education in Washington, D.C. since 1870. It is a selective school with a very strong reputation, so if you have been accepted, Congratulations! If you have not applied for law school yet, then you may want to add Georgetown to your wishlist. Here are four things you may not have known about the law school.

1. MyAccess is more important than you think.

When attending Georgetown University Law School, it is essential that you never lose your Georgetown Law MyAccess username and password. As a student, the Georgetown Law MyAccess is your portal to your course schedule and registration, your financial aid services, your meal plan, student health insurance, and other equally as important information.

2. The Law Center might not be where you think it is.

The Georgetown Law Center campus is actually separate from the undergraduate campus! If you get confused about where the actual Law Center is in the University, you can check the website for an informative map.

3. Georgetown Law Center is a T14 school.

If you want to study the laws of the United States, there are few better places to do it than a school that is often ranked to be in the top 14. According to the United States News and World Report, Georgetown Law Center belongs in those ranks, and has been there since the law school rankings were created by the magazine.

4. After successful graduation, you could be starting a successful career.

According to the University, the 2010 graduates achieved median starting salaries of 160,000 dollars in the private sector, and 62,467 dollars in government jobs. The Georgetown Law Center could be an excellent choice if you are considering a career in law. It offers courses specializing in clinical programs, international law, tax law, trial advocacy, environmental law, and more. For a modern law education, Georgetown Law Center is an excellent choice.

Georgetown Law Center Keeping Our Country Strong

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United States laws and regulations are more than just a list of things you should or should not do. They are a measure of our values, a snapshot of our society, and a benchmark of our progress as a people. The laws we enact tell the world what is important to us, and set the stage for future generations to debate and argue as the times evolve and change. Georgetown University Law School is preparing the lawyers of tomorrow by embroiling them in the legal questions of today.

For over 140 years Georgetown Law Center has guided bright young minds down the myriad twists and turns of the legal system. And while the legal system has changed much in that time, Georgetown Law Center has followed it every step of the way, making sure that, no matter which ocean of the law they decide to traverse, its graduates are capable of navigating the waters and staying afloat.

Situated in Washington, D.C., nestled in the very heart of our democracy, the Georgetown Law Center is uniquely poised to observe the continuing evolution of our laws and regulations. Students are afforded unmatched opportunities in trial cases, appellate court proceedings, and legislative midwifery on the Hill. A degree from Georgetown lets potential employers know that you have been in the thick of it, and that your legal skills have been tempered in the flames of firsthand experience.

A country is only as strong as the laws that bind it together. Georgetown Law Center students help keep our country strong and proud, by learning at the feet of some of the finest legal minds our nation has to offer, and, upon graduation, stepping up boldly to take the reins.

Getting the Law News That Matters Most to You

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If you are studying to be a United States attorney, it is absolutely imperative to stay up on the latest law news. From the setting of new precedents to the revisiting of old statutes, a comprehensive understanding of the current legal system, with its sometimes ambiguous law definitions and convoluted legal framework, is crucial.

That is all the more reason to have dependable sources where you can go to investigate and study the laws and regulations that affect you and your professional life. Major universities that specialize in preparing lawyers for work in the legal system will have vast amounts of resources at their disposal, and the prospective attorneys who study there have virtually unlimited access to these materials. Whether you attend Georgetown University Law School on the east coast, or you wish to make use of the items at the Stanford Law library or UCLA Law Library on the west coast, detailed lists and explanations of United States laws and state statutes are readily attainable.

The more you familiarize yourself with both the legal information that is pertinent to you and the most up to date law news that directly affects your profession, the better equipped you will be to take on more clients and effectively win cases on their behalf.

For more discussion on law news and how to access legal information, leave a question, comment, or point of advice in the forum below.

Considering the Cultural Flexbility of United States Laws

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Georgetown university law School is one of the finest law schools in the country, offering the best education on United States laws and the legal framework our nation is built upon. The Georgetown Law Center is a fabulous resource for students, providing access to the best legal minds of this day and age.

It is very important for those studying in law school to become well acquainted with all aspects of United States Laws, including their history and what precedents are set by certain United States Laws. Law students graduate with the understanding that United States Laws are not set in stone, but rather that law itself is a malleable and flexible concept, necessitating the ability of United States laws to conform to shifting norms within the cultural milieu. For example, many United States Laws on the books historically do not hold water today, especially those that facilitated the disenfranchisement of minorities and women.

When studying the law, it becomes apparent that the legal categories pertaining to race and sex taken for granted in the past are no longer appropriate for our society today. Prior to the end of the civil war, an African American person was considered to be only three fifths human. In other words, the legal standard of what it meant to be a human being was identified with whiteness. Luckily, things have changed. However, our previous United States laws concerning race can provide us with valuable lessons about the irrationality of many mores held dear by the culture at large.

If our ancestors were so wrong about race, yet believed they were absolutely morally right, then it follows that in our current society there may be United States laws that are equally discriminatory. We just will not realize it until we have hindsight. These are the sorts of legal issues considered by students at Georgetown Law School.

Getting Information On Laws And Regulations Has Never Been Simpler

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At the Georgetown Law Center, law of course is the most obvious topic of discussion around the halls and in the classrooms. For those fortunate enough to attend law school at this prestigious university, the information available there is at their fingertips and is entirely accessible. But what about others who may be attending law school elsewhere, who are desperate to understand the various laws and regulations affecting their classes and their career concentrations?

At Georgetown university law is a subject that is shared among students, staff, and faculty members. Everyone gets the opportunity for sharing of this knowledge, and lately the school has expanded its presence to include information on laws and regulations, on laws of the United States, and on legal frameworks for various precedents and cases too. Making this information available to more than just students of Georgetown is something that was hotly debated among the members of the school. But in the end, the idea of sharing won out over secrecy. And so far, so good for both the university and for the people who are gleaning this information on laws and regulations and on setting up a legal framework for any kind of case.

The Georgetown university law school has always had this idea of sharing and of inclusiveness, even though its standards are quite high and its graduates are among the smartest and most successful in the field. But throughout its many years of churning out quality graduates who go on to become top lawyers and legal professionals in their chosen fields, the college has always maintained this sense of inclusiveness. It is paying off, as more people are discovering that they can find useful information on the various laws and regulations that exist within the U.S. legal system on the university’s web pages.

These laws and regulations normally are accessed by students and faculty members, but now they are more than likely open to the entire legal community and to interested parties as well. Usually, only a registration is required or a contact with one of the administrators of the site, who usually can set everything up or help people to gain access to this information on these laws and regulations and on virtually everything else that has to do with U.S. law. After that, people can begin using the site as a noted resource for anything and everything related to the law.

Do You Know How Many Laws You’re Breaking Now?

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Government laws are often complicated on many different levels. There are a lot of resources available to everyday citizens that want to know what is going on in that world of law news and law definitions that is often the bane of the existence for every taxpayer, every aggressive driver and every libertarian.

Laws and regulations can sometime be so complicated that people do now even know how to sort through them. Many laws in the United States contradict one another, and on a daily basis, most people are probably violating one law or another that they are not aware of. A legal framework for the government laws should be reasonably understandable.

But for people who want to understand government laws better, there are resources available, such as the Stanford law library. Government laws will not necessarily become any less complicated if people visit law libraries, but, if nothing else, government laws might become somewhat more familiar.

People should familiarize themselves with the laws that govern their homeland for a number of reasons, not the least of which is self interested. People should always endeavor to stay on the right side of the law to the fullest extent possible. Some people might get the occasional speeding ticket, but it is possible to get through life without egregiously violating any laws.

Of course, government laws cannot be fully understood simply by looking at a list of federal laws. Equity also plays a role in determining what is or is not the law. People should understand the framework of laws. This is the first step toward being an informed and confident citizen. Knowing the law is knowing where you stand in relation to it.

The Best Law Programs in America

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While most people cannot express exactly what it is about the legal system that arouses so much angst within them, it is likely the intimidation caused by unfamiliarity with the complex laws of the United States. While the complexity of the legal system might make some people run the other way, others find the legal system and law definitions fascinating. And this is the reason that many people become interested in becoming attorneys.

Considering the fact that attorneys must attend a law school, such as the Georgetown University Law School, for three years in order to learn enough about American laws and regulations just to pass the bar exam, it is understandable that even the most educated Americans citizens can be confused by some of the United states laws. While it should not be expected that people, other than attorneys, should be experts in United States law, it is in the best interest of everyone to be familiar with at least the most common law definition. At the end of the end of the day, however, attorneys are the only people who are able to interpret and apply law definitions in the real world. And for those who are ambitious enough to pursue law as a career, it is the challenge of interpreting law definitions that compels them

When it comes to learning about the intricacies behind law definitions, it takes more than a list of federal laws for one to actually understand the legal system. As such, one must have an eye for detail, such that they can focus upon the most minute details, and discuss all of the possible meanings and interpretations of a given term. For instance, what is the definition of legal? What are all of the possible interpretations of the term legal? These are the kinds of things one must be able to due to actually understand how law definitions are applied to real world cases. At an institutions such as the Georgetown Law Center, prospective attorneys will not only learn about law definitions, but will have invaluable access to the best law libraries in the United States, such as the Georgetown law library, Stanford Law Library, or UCLA Law Library. This is why it is vital that law students attend the very best laws schools as possible.

Know Your Laws

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Laws of the United States are fairly complex. The definition of legal can even be difficult to pin down, even though most people broadly know what they do on a daily basis is typically legal. The Georgetown Law Center graduates some of the top lawyers in the nation. Nonetheless, many of these freshly minted lawyers are probably unfamiliar with many of the important laws of the United States.

Laws of the United States are typically only known corporately. For example, Georgetown university law school probably has information which can broadly provide people with the information that they need for addressing one issue or another. They can address particularly areas of the law, but no member of the faculty can address every issue of the law with authority.

People who want to become familiar with laws of the United States should consider contacting the Georgetown law registrar if they are interested in going to law school. Laws of the United States can greatly help people who are interested in enhancing their knowledge of what is going on in the world.

Of course, laws of the United States are not only accessible to law students. Anyone can go to Stanford law library or any number of the other law schools in the United States to learn about what is going on in the world. It is for this reason that law schools will probably continue to be an important source for people who are looking to obtain information as to what is going on, and when.

Laws of the United States are among the best for people who are looking to stay informed, and it is for this reason that people will probably continue to look for information from many different sources when they are investigating the laws of the United States. The United States has so many laws most people who make them do not even understand what they are. Nonetheless, it is a good idea for everyone to have at least a basic notion of every law that broadly relates to their concerns.