Thinking of Patenting Your Idea? Hiring a Patent Lawyer Should Be Your First Step


“Do I need to find a patent lawyer near me?” If you have an original idea or original invention you may be wanting to patent it to prevent any intellectual property issues or trademark problems. A patent attorney will be able to not only file your patent, but handle any issues that may arise.

What Is A Patent Lawyer?

Also known as an intellectual property lawyer, they work to represent people who are seeking to obtain a patent and secure rights to their invention or idea. Patent lawyers can help you draft and file a patent application, in addition to handling any issues such as infringement once the patent has been received. Many patent lawyers are also specializes in technical fields meaning they can understand the certain aspects of the inventions they are working to patenting, something a standard lawyer wouldn’t be as keen on. A few other things patent lawyers handle are:

  • The management of application deadlines, fees, and filing hangups.
  • They can manage registration or oversee a transfer of rights if specified.
  • They can assess potential risks to the patent and give advice on how to mitigate potential issues.
  • They can over see and handle international applications and processes.

Do I Really Need To Find A Patent Lawyer Near Me?

While you can file for a patent on your own, the process can be complex, and if you’re not familiar with the legality issues you may have a harder time. A patent application requires that you not only detail the technical aspects of your creation, but explain why it differs from any existing creations in your specific field.

Your patent also needs to specify what cannot be replicated by other sources. Having an attorney affords you the security that all bases are covered so that your idea won’t stolen based on a formality or oversight.


“Do I need to find a patent lawyer near me?” To reiterate the initial question, your safest bet would be, yes. Patent lawyers can help you navigate the confusing process, and help you submit your patent on time. They can check for potential loopholes, and help mitigate any potential future risks. For peace of mind, and to ensure that your intellectual property remains entirely your own, hiring an attorney is the first step.

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