When Do You Need an Elder Law Attorney?


The video talks about the different times someone may need to hire an elder law attorney. Usually, elder law attorneys come into play when someone has to spend time in a nursing home. Nursing home abuse is one of the top reasons such attorneys get involved in other people’s lives.

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Nursing home abuse occurs when residents have their rights violated in some way or another. Physical, emotional, and financial abuse are examples.

An elder attorney can also assist with helping an older person to draft a will to assign different things to different family members when he or she passes. Elder attorneys can also help someone to pass a power of attorney to another individual. That person might be responsible for the elder person’s medical care when he or she becomes incapacitated.

Issues with Medicare can arise with an elder person who believes he or she has certain benefits. For example, Medicare may refuse to cover some aspect of that person’s treatment. In that case, an elder attorney can help ensure the person gets the care that he or she needs from Medicare. Elder attorneys have many tasks and responsibilities within their scope of the law, and the video explains that.

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