Civil Litigation Explained


One may wonder why there is a need for both criminal lawyers and civil litigation attorneys. Are these two not one and the same? Well, the truth is that civil litigation attorneys do different work from criminal lawyers for various reasons.

We are familiar with both civil and criminal litigation, but how exactly do these vary from each other? Civil litigation attorneys know just the answer.

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For one, civil litigations are charges that do not include criminal offenses. A person who commits something wrong that is not considered to be a crime will be facing civil litigation, not criminal litigation.

Some examples of civil litigations are personal injury cases, labor disputes, or medical malpractice. These wrongdoings do not necessarily end up in court at all times. Because of the cost of trials and the length of time spent on them, civil litigation attorneys exert efforts in order to not reach trial.

On the other hand, a trial is not always necessary to achieve the compensation or specific performance aimed by the plaintiff. By hiring the right civil litigation attorneys, trials can be avoided but still, the desired results of the plaintiff can be accomplished. It is all about finding an expert who knows exactly what needs to be done.


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