Why Everyone Needs a Lawyer for Workers Comp Situations


If something happens at your work, you will need the services of a workers comp lawyer because these cases can get tricky. The fact is that people and companies don’t want to spend extra money if they can avoid it. Therefore, you shouldn’t trust your employer fully when it comes to workers’ comps. Go directly to an attorney.

Nowadays, there are innovative work comp solutions that will fit both parties, but it’s hard for the average person to know that. Sometimes, people don’t understand that they have rights to workers’ comp as well. An agency worker injured at work is just as entitled to compensation as a full-time employee. A lawyer will be able to fight and get you what you deserve.

You’ll obviously have to be registered at the Compensation Data Exchange, but it’s better because it’s the only way to track things correctly. Any attorney would fully support that. Meanwhile, they can also answer common misconceptions. For example, some people think that workers’ compensation benefits pregnancy leaves, but that’s not true at all. That’s why it’s better to consult with an expert.

Let’s find out more about why you should have a lawyer for your worker’s comp case.


Workers compensation law firm

Having an injury at work is a difficult situation no one wants to deal with. Injuries at work create additional difficulties for workers because they are losing money from not being at work. Waiting for workers comp to go through is never easy since the process usually takes awhile. Some folks believe it is better to save money and try to handle their legal situation without the help of a lawyer. Read on to learn more about the importance of having a workers compensation lawyer.

With So Many Days Away From Work, Winning a Case Becomes Important

Winning a workers compensation case is important when the individual who hurts themselves is out of work for awhile. Over 80% of workers file workers comp because they fall on floors that are too slick and not cleaned properly. Over 20% of these falls meant that workers were out of a job for at least 30 days, and sometimes more than that. Because folks are out of work for such a long time, they need the money from their compensation in order to pay bills and take care of their families. Many need help paying for the medical issue that was caused by their work injury. A skilled attorney is crucial in making sure workers get what they deserve in such trials.

Many Workers Don’t Have Enough Money for Workplace Related Accidents

Workplace related accidents cost everyone money. It affects the individual, who is out of work because of the job-related injury the most, although the company may have issues too, especially when they end up owing more money than anticipated. The average workers live paycheck-to-paycheck. Less than 30% have money in savings to help them take care of themselves and their families for at least six months. An experienced lawyer has seen many workers comp cases and can advise clients how to proceed, how soon they may receive a payout, and what to expect along the way. This is better than trying to guess and anticipate each step without experienced help.

Companies Without Workers Comp Face Penalties

If a company does not have workers comp, they can face additional fines and penalties if this is found out in a court of law. Over 70% of states mandate businesses to have some workers comp, in the event an injury or accident occurs. Those that do not are required to pay additional penalties. A lawyer who is skilled in handling workers comp will advise individuals who are suing a company on how this will affect them and their case.

Anyone who is going to court for a worker’s claim or injury on the job shouldn’t attempt to do everything on their own. It’s better to have an experienced lawyer who knows what to expect and can guide their client throughout the process. This means the case is finished in a quicker manner, and individuals who were injured get everything they deserved.

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