Month: January 2014

What to Do When You Are Charged With a Crime

How to be a criminal defense lawyer

Criminal law is distinctive for the uniquely serious potential consequences or sanctions involved with failure to abide by the rules of law. Under criminal law, individuals may be incarcerated in prisons or jails in a variety of conditions, depending on the jurisdiction. Notably, only a criminal law defense attorney stands between a person’s conviction or acquittal, and on that note, good criminal lawyers are indispensable.

Interestingly, less than 10 percent of criminals commit about two-thirds of all crime. Importantly, people cannot be found guilty without undoubtable proof of guilt. With that said, criminal defense attorneys’ duties include arguing the guilt of the Read More

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Four Funny Workers Comp Stories From 2013

Workers compensation attorneys

Every year, Americans from all across the country file for workers compensation benefits after they suffer an injury or illness while on the job. While some just need time to recuperate after a minor injury, like a sprained ankle, forced them to get off their feet, others might need expenses covered because they had surgery for a condition that developed over time. While most cases that workers compensation attorneys will see are pretty bland and standard, but some are quite bizarre. Every year, LexisNexis highlights some of the best, and last year did not disappoin Read More

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Looking to Get Into Legal Research? Here are a Few Facts You Need to Know

Legal statute

If you have ever been part of a court case, then you have probably had to have had to have legislative history research done about your case. One of the big elements involved in pretty much every court case is legislative intent and statuatory history research to prove that the case about to be argued even has the standing to be heard in the courtroom. Whether you are think about pursuing a career in California legislative history research or you are part of a court case are are trying to learn as much as you can about the proc Read More

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