Month: February 2018

Divorce, Divorce Lawyers, and Everything In Between

Divorce attorney

Right now, divorces are incredibly common in the United States. The culture around a uncontested divorce and divorce lawyers has completely changed in the United States and has turned in the other direction. The process of filing for a divorce and getting divorce papers for a divorce process was once viewed as taboo and horrible. However, it is not viewed as a commonality.

Back in the day, women and men were supposed to stick it out in a marriage even if it was a failed marriage. This is because marriage was once viewed as a holy activity Read More

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Five Causes of Trucking Related Accidents

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The trucking industry employs hundreds of thousands of drivers every year. Although minimal when compared to the number of truck drivers, accidents can and do occur. Because of the large weight of the truck and the cargo that it is carrying, these truck accidents are often fatal. While safe driving is important regardless of what type of automobile you are operating, it is crucial to prevent truck accidents.

Never hit the road until you are ready

Driving a truck with a heavy load is much different than driving a single vehicle on the road. There are different levers and different safety protocols. It is much more difficult to climb large mountains and very different to stop the truck. For this reason, truck drivers attend a truck school before being employed. While this school is s Read More

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Four Reasons you Need Commercial Construction Attorneys

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Construction crews work on all different types of projects. They might be involved in city planning of infrastructures. They might also be involved in the improvement of city roads and bridges. However, even more common are the use of construction workers in the real estate and building industry. Construction workers might be involved in the new build of real estate properties or they might be working directly with a homeowner on improving and expanding a residential property. Either way, it is important to be protected with sufficient insurance coverage and attorneys dedicated to construction law.

Insurance of workers
Many construction tasks require a lot of risks. Workers are constantly scaling large buildings, using heavy power tools, and using harsh chemical pro Read More

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Why You Need a Timeshare Lawyer

Cancel timeshare in florida

Do you have a timeshare that you?d like to get out of? A timeshare can be a great buy, but it?s also an industry that is filled with scams and false claims. Many people go to a timeshare sales pitch billed as ?one hour? in exchange for tickets to a theme park or other free gift, only to find that one hour turning into four or five hours. Other times, while a timeshare might be fine, people?s financial situations just change. If you want to cancel a timeshare or are looking to get rid of a timeshare, it?s probably wise to look for timeshare lawyers to help. Here?s three reasons why:

To Protect You From Litigation

Or, to prosecute litigation on your behalf! Litigation is a powerful way for you to send a message to a shady timeshare owner that they won?t get away with misrepresenting their Read More

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