Month: October 2018

Calling a Lawyer After a Car Crash

American roads go nearly everywhere in urban and rural locations across the country, from multi-lane freeways to narrow country lanes, but the flip side of this endless travel convenience is exposure to danger. In particular, drunk drivers, those who are DUI: Driving Under the Influence. Even drugs may be in the afflicted driver’s system, and this will vastly increase the likelihood if a car crash or hitting a pedestrian or bicyclist. When such a crash does occur and people are injured, the injured party will probably want to reach a monetary settlement with the at-fault party’s insurance and take the case to court if necessary. Asking oneself “Do I need a DUI lawyer?” is an important step to take after a crash occurred and injuries were sustained. A DUI attorney, in particular, will have experience with such cases and can bring them to a quick and satisfying end.

Injury and the Road

Many injuries and fatalities today involve motor vehicles and roads. In fact, of all pers Read More

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Looking to File a Personal Injury Claim? Here’s What You Need to Know

Every year in the United States, there are tens of thousands of motor vehicle accidents, and tens of thousands of injuries and deaths due to these accidents. If you’ve been injured due to a car accident that was out of your hands, you are likely able to file a personal injury claim. However, when dealing with the law and court system, things aren’t always so straightforward. We’re here to give you a little help in filing your personal injury claim.

Car Accidents Only?

Wrong! Though car accidents are one of the most common forms of claim that are made, personal injury claims can be made for those who were hurt in a crash, victims of drunk driving accidents, a victim to construction accidents, or more. If you’ve been a victim of someone else’s carelessness, negligence or rage, and their act caused you medical bills or lost pay that you wouldn’t have had to deal with otherwise, you deserve compensation in return.

Will We Have to Go to Court?

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