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4 Steps to Follow After Being in a Car Accident

car accident lawyerUnfortunately, car accidents are all too common in the United States, with the top causes of accidents being from drunk drivers, distracted driving, and speeding. These accidents can range from mild fender benders to accidents that cause injuries, and one thing is for sure — no matter what kind of accident you are in, it is crucial you follow a series of steps afterward.

From calling a law office to reporting your accident with your insurance company, here are some steps you need to take after being a victim of a car accident.

Step one: Call 911
Before you even step out of your car, it is crucial you call for help. This goes even if you may not be injured because it is incredibly important to have both drivers and all passengers assessed for injuries at the scene. Not only is it a good idea to bring a neutral third party in to assess the status of everyone involved, it can be used as evidence by your car accident lawyer and insurance companies if a battle ensues.

Step two: Get a police report and the other driver’s insurance information
Always exchange information, as you will need a concrete way to identify the other person involved. A written down police report will also determine who is at fault for the accident, something that can be especially helpful down the line if you have to settle a dispute.

Step three: Check with the Department of Motor Vehicles
Even if there was minimal damage to your car, it is always wise to let the DMV know you have been in an accident. There may be a need to file a report.

Step four: If injured, contact a car accident lawyer
You will need legal advice if you plan on filing a suit against the other driver. This is especially important if you have sustained injuries, and considering that 52% of personal injuries cases relate to motor vehicle accidents, you may need some extra help in advocating for your rights.

If you have been in a car accident, make sure to follow these specific steps to ensure your safety and well-being.

For additional legal advice and counsel when it comes to car accidents, contact our experienced car accident lawyers today with any questions.

Hiring The Best Westchester Divorce Lawyer Available

Westchester divorce lawyer

A Westchester divorce attorney is an important professional to be in touch with if you are looking to ensure that a divorce does not cause emotional and legal problems in your life. In addition to a Westchester divorce lawyer you can also retain a White Plains divorce lawyer to help with divorce cases in these areas. The best divorce lawyers in White Plains and Westchester will be able to guide you through a divorce so that you do not have to worry about facing a lengthy struggle to separate from your spouse. There are several things that you can do to make finding a Westchester divorce lawyer much easier.

One of the most convenient ways to find a Westchester divorce lawyer is to look through the various web directories that are available. On these directories you can locate an attorney that has a tremendous amount of experience helping other clients deal with their divorce case. You will also have the ability to compare several different attorneys so that you can retain the specific Westchester divorce lawyer that you feel confident in for legal assistance. Read as much as you can about a Westchester divorce lawyer before you decide to hire them so that you can ensure that they are the type of attorney that is best for your needs.

Another excellent method to use to find a Westchester divorce lawyer is to contact others that you know have been through a divorce. Because a divorce is a sensitive matter, you may want to speak to people in private about their divorce case and which specific Westchester divorce lawyer they hired to get them through their divorce as easily as possible. After you find a divorce lawyer, it is important that you are as honest and open as possible with them. Talk to them about your assets and what type of financial situation you and your partner have so that they can give you a better understanding of what challenges you may face during your divorce. You should also give them any paperwork that you have regarding your marriage and separation and ensure that they are aware of actions or statements made by you or your partner. Divorce is a challenging thing for anyone to deal with, especially those that are unfamiliar with the process. A capable attorney will ensure that you get the services necessary to prevent you and your family from dealing with a drawn out divorce.
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