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4 Steps to Follow After Being in a Car Accident

car accident lawyerUnfortunately, car accidents are all too common in the United States, with the top causes of accidents being from drunk drivers, distracted driving, and speeding. These accidents can range from mild fender benders to accidents that cause injuries, and one thing is for sure — no matter what kind of accident you are in, it is crucial you follow a series of steps afterward.

From calling a law office to reporting your accident with your insurance company, here are some steps you need to take after being a victim of a car accident.

Step one: Call 911
Before you even step out of your car, it is crucial you call for help. This goes even if you may not be injured because it is incredibly important to have both drivers and all passengers assessed for injuries at the scene. Not only is it a good idea to bring a neutral third party in to assess the status of everyone involved, it can be used as evidence by your car accident lawyer and insurance companies if a battle ensues.

Step two: Get a police report and the other driver’s insurance information
Always exchange information, as you will need a concrete way to identify the other person involved. A written down police report will also determine who is at fault for the accident, something that can be especially helpful down the line if you have to settle a dispute.

Step three: Check with the Department of Motor Vehicles
Even if there was minimal damage to your car, it is always wise to let the DMV know you have been in an accident. There may be a need to file a report.

Step four: If injured, contact a car accident lawyer
You will need legal advice if you plan on filing a suit against the other driver. This is especially important if you have sustained injuries, and considering that 52% of personal injuries cases relate to motor vehicle accidents, you may need some extra help in advocating for your rights.

If you have been in a car accident, make sure to follow these specific steps to ensure your safety and well-being.

For additional legal advice and counsel when it comes to car accidents, contact our experienced car accident lawyers today with any questions.

Do You Need Legal Representation?

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Every year citizens will look for a legal representative to help them with a court case. This legal representative may be able to assist with a number of different things. Keep in mind that a legal representative can come different forms based on whatever your legal need is. The annual cost of civil lawsuits in the United States is $239 billion.

Studies show that about 1 in every 4 20-year-olds will be disabled by the time they reach the age of 67. In the year of 1980, about 13% of all bankruptcies were done by businesses where as today they only make up 3%. Out of all federal civil personal injury lawsuits, 20% come from vehicle crashes, 10% result from medical malpractice, and 13% result from products liability injuries. Here is what you should know about hiring a legal representative.

Damage Done By a Car Crash

Out of all car crash fatalities, there are four major reasons why these crashes occur. 32% of these accidents are a result of drunk driving, 16% are from distraction, 11% come from weather conditions, and 31% will come from one driver speeding. Accidents as a result of distractions are also growing in the United States now that more and more people own smart phones.

67% of all smartphone owners will use their phone at least occasionally for turn-by-turn GPS navigation while they are driving and even 31% say they do this frequently which can lead to distracted driving. Across America, at any given time, an estimated 660,000 drivers are going to be using cell phones while they are driving. 3,154 people were killed in car accidents in which one driver was distracted and 424,000 people were injured. This is so dangerous because five seconds is the average time in which your eyes are off the road while you use your phone.

Workers Compensation For an Injury

Another reason you will require a legal representative will involve an injury taking place in a workplace. 3,007,300 occupational injuries and illnesses were reported by workers in the year of 2013. About 2% of all personal injury cases will ever go to trial, instead, the rest of these cases will be handled outside of the courtroom with settlements. Out of all worker’s compensation claims, 85% are given to employees that fall and slip on a slick or wet floor.

Out of all slip and fall incidents, about 22% result in more than 31 days away from work for the injured worker. This can hurt most peoples bank accounts and that’s why a legal representative is important. For an employee who damaged one arm at work in the United States, the maximum average compensation amounts to about $169,880 as of March 2015. Also, know that 74% of all states will require the businesses within to have some form of worker’s compensation.


Bankruptcies are very common in the United States for not only business but even more so now for the average citizen. Many people will use this as a tactic to get out of debt and to handle any loans. In 2014, 97% of all bankruptcies were personal and the other 3% were done by businesses. The United States bankruptcy court statistics have revealed that 1.5 million people file for bankruptcy in the average year. With any attorney, chapter 7 bankruptcy claims have a success rate of over 95%. Chapter 7 cases will, on average, cost between $1,500 to $3,000.

In Conclusion

If you need a legal representative because of any of the previously mentioned reasons then make sure you seek out that help as soon as possible. Do not allow yourself to be in any position in which you can be taken advantage of. You deserve to be protected in your daily life, and as a result then find your legal representative to come and help you take care of an issue. Many people will do this so do not at all feel ashamed.

How to Get the Right Lawyer for You

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Every single day a lawyer is hired in the United States by a client that could possibly be the victim of the case or could the suspect in question. A lawyer can be retained or hired for a number of reasons including workplace injuries, an auto accident, an injury, or filing bankruptcy for a business. There are many reasons or situations that may cause you to hire a lawyer, and it is important to understand why and how to go through this process. Hiring a lawyer is not simple or cheap, so here are some tips to help you through this process.

First and foremost, understand that the annual cost of civil lawsuits to the United States economy equates to about $239 billion. A local attorney can be helpful as well, you do not have to necessarily go top shelf depending on the situation. Only 2% of all personal injury cases will ever actually go to trial, the rest of these cases are handled outside of the courtroom. This means that most personal injury cases will end up with the victim getting paid by the suspect.

About 79% of federal civil personal injury results from vehicle crashes, 13% result from products liability injuries, and 10% result from medical malpractice. Those are three different scenarios will require you to hire a lawyer. In the year 2013, an exact number of 3,154 people were killed in a motor vehicle crash that involved distracted drivers. In that same year of 2013, about 424,000 people were injured in a motor vehicle crash that involved a distracted driver. 85% of worker’s compensation claims are eventually attributed to the employee slipping on slick floors.

22% of all slip and fall incidents will result in about 31 days away from the workplace. If are the victim of said court case, then you should definitely consult with a lawyer so that you can get the right amount of compensation for your time lost from work. At any given moment in the United States, about 660,00 drivers are using cell phones while they are driving. This leads to an immense amount of danger in which you may need to end up hiring a lawyer for your protection.

With an attorney, the success rate for Chapter 7 bankruptcy claims is over 95%. An average Chapter 7 case can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000. There were about 3,007,300 occupational illnesses and injuries reported in the year of 2013. In the year 1980 businesses comprised about 13% of all bankruptcies in the United States, whereas today they only account for about 3% of all bankruptcies.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that if you believe you should hire a lawyer, then you probably should hire a lawyer. They will at the very least be able to consult with you as to where you should go in terms of your case and legal representative.