How to Keep Custody of a Child


In this video, you will learn about a criminal law attorney. The transition from one household to the other is dramatic when dealing with a custody case. Oftentimes, the mother does not lose the child.

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Unfortunately, though, it does happen. Once the children are set, it is usually in their best interest to keep them where they are. Basically, it is a huge change for the child. It is best if parents can just get along for the childens’ sake. Putting children in the middle is hard. The children being raised should be the first priority. It is easy to get caught up in the drama. The main goal should be to support the well-being of the child. The first thing that makes a mother lose custody is if the mother is anger-focused on the father. Instead of her behavior, she exaggerates what is bad about the father. Kids pick up on this. The kids can tell when mom hates dad, and vice versa. Mom could call DCFS on the father and also vice versa. If one parent keeps focused on one or the other, the judge and jury can tell that it is exaggerated.

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