What Is A Waiver?


When delivering things across America, you think of the many popular corporations who practice delivering these things. The issue is, what if your parcel goes missing? This is a good time to bring up a gsr waiver. Before we get into that though, what is a waiver in general?

In general, it is surrendering a right or claim.

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This may sound negative, but there are many positives to this action especially if someone is waiving a claim against you. In this video example, if you are trying to get into the states, the government can waive the restrictions against you if you meet certain criteria. Now how does this relate to shipping? Well, if you have ordered parcel shipping through a company, you’ve formed a parcel shipping contract. This contract is formed between you and the shipper. If they lose your package on their way to you though, what you would be looking for is a guaranteed service refund or a gsr. By working with a law firm, you can claim the value of the item lost so that you don’t lose everything in the process of losing your item.


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