Understanding Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys


There are over 1.3 million attorneys in America. Many of them are identified as a criminal defense attorney. However, there are differences in what services a criminal defense attorney can provide when it comes to where your charges are stemming from. For example, a criminal attorney Van Nuys may only practice in state superior court, not in federal court. Federal charges are very different than local charges. You may have a criminal defense attorney San Fernando defendants have used and been highly satisfied with but they may not be able to defend a federal charge.

This video talks about some of the key differences between a federal court case and a state superior court case, and how those differences can greatly affect your outcome if you are not properly represented. Learning more about the differences in how cases are tried, what type of information is shared, and what the difference in plea deals are at the federal level is important. After watching this video you will understand why choosing the right attorney matters. Watch this video from a practicing federal lawyer in Arizona to better understand why it is important to choose the right attorney.

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