When Might You Need a Product Liability Lawyer


This video discusses product liability. Product liability is the area which covers those who place products into the stream of commerce. Those entities are liable for injuries as a result of defective products.

Product liability law is derived from tor law. A tort is an act or omission that causes injury or harm for which a court can impose liability.

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It is broken up further into two categories: injury and damages. There are three levels of intent as it relates to tort law. Intentional, negligent, and strict liability. In most cases, liability must include intentional and negligent action. Anyone in the chain of distribution can be considered liable. This includes the manufacturer, the distributor, the wholesaler, and the retailer.

There are four possible bases in product liability. These include defects in design, manufacturing defects, failure to warn, and breach of warranty.

A product liability lawyer can determine if any of the bases apply to a product. Each base has different criteria for that base to be met. They can also assist when there is a product liability case.

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