What is a Lemon Lawyer?


You may have heard of a lemon when it comes to cars. These are cars that are faulty or have severe defects that affect their quality, safety, value, and usability. And you may be relieved to know that there is a whole branch of the law devoted to helping buyers of these faulty cars. These laws are known as lemon laws and their practitioners are aptly known as lemon lawyers, however, these are just informal, casual terms.

And while these “lemon lawyers” work primarily with defective cars, lemon law can actually refer to the sale of any faulty or defective product.

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Lemon law protects buyers from illegitimate sales and seeks to remedy any of the issues caused by purchasing a poor product that repeatedly fails to meet reasonable standards of performance and quality.

This video demonstrates some of the facets of Lemon Law as it pertains to used car sales. It’s a fascinating industry! Watching a video like this can help protect you or your loved ones from being the victim of an illegitimate sale.

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