Steps to Becoming a Lawyer


Becoming a lawyer in America requires you to undergo a certain process. There are many lawyers with many different specialties, but almost all of them have the same experiences from early in their careers. In this article, we are going to look at the steps to becoming a lawyer.

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To become a lawyer you must first get an undergraduate degree. These degrees are most commonly obtained after four years, however, you can complete them faster. Students that are looking to become lawyers will most commonly study political science, or pre-law during their undergraduate degree.

Once a student gets an undergraduate degree they must take an exam called the LSAT. This exam is what law schools will use to have an understanding of a student’s knowledge. Law schools are the next step in becoming a lawyer, and it’s important to do well on the LSAT so that you can get into a good school.

After law school the students are still not able to practice law right away. The last step before becoming a lawyer is the bar exam. If you pass this exam, you are legally allowed to practice law. The bar exam allows you to practice in the state you are in. If you move later in your career you may have to take the bar exam again in the state you moved to.


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