Month: November 2017

Commercial Litigation Options for Protecting the Rights of Your Business

Why does my business need an attorney

When it comes to protecting your rights, there is little that should stand in your way. Of course, we do not live in a perfect society, and there are times when it would probably make sense to give your lawyer a call in order to avoid the damage of an ugly dispute that has the ability to tear apart families and friendships. And then there is the corporate level. Commercial litigation can be an even trickier thing to navigate, and for that reason, should you find your company in some sort of legal issue, you will want to be able to rest assured that you have the best Read More

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The Dangers of Drunk Driving

Drunk driving

In the United States, there is nothing more dangerous than driving in a car. Now, obviously, there are some extreme scenarios that anyone can think up that could be more dangerous like being trapped in a burning house or having to deal with a gun that is loaded. However, in terms of the average life of an America, being in a car is a dangerous place to be as you can get into an accident at any turn or place.

First and foremost it is important to understand that driving in and of itself is dangerous without any distractions or alcohol. However, once alcohol, drugs, and distractions are placed into this mix it instantly jumps in terms of danger. People driving sober can lead to a car crash from simply speeding, not paying attention, or using a cellphone but obviously, drunk driving makes everything inherentl Read More

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Are You Facing a Divorce This Holiday Season?

Filing uncontested divorce

You never imagined that you would be looking for a low cost divorce lawyer over Christmas vacation, but that appears to be the case. After the last three months of trying to make things work between you and your husband, you are now certain that there are no real solutions. Your husband was a financial mess when you met him, and while he was tried to show better control during the three years since your wedding, his problems are too great for you to solve. You fear that if you stay in this marriage any longer, your credit will suffer and you will be part of a financial mess that you cannot recover from.
You have decided that you need to cut all of your ties an Read More

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What You Should Know About Buying a Timeshare

Timeshare attorneys

In the United States, there is a strong sense of consumerism that can be found throughout the country. People believe that they should buy items that they see in advertisements and marketing because they are told to do so. However, this sort of thinking can be incredibly problematic and more often than not, leads to a lot of people making big mistakes when making purchases.

One of the biggest mistakes that most people will make is buying a timeshare. Now, maybe you have heard of a timeshare and maybe you have not. A timeshare is basically when someone buys a resort in a nice area. While this is quite common in the United States, it is also something that many people will regret upon buying and this leads to a timeshare cancellation which is quite difficult and they may need a lawyer to help them sort Read More

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Mortar and Bricks Litigation in Construction Firms

Commercial real estate law

Mortar. Cement. Drywall. Insulation.

The building of buildings.

Construction is big business. According to a national statistics website, the construction industry rakes in $1.7 trillion in annual revenue. The construction of buildings itself is a $750 billion industry, with over 211 thousand companies competing, some on a local, some on a national level.

California is home to the most construction companies with a little over 70,000. Florida is next with over 51,000 and New York comes in third with over 43,000. They are three of the most populous states, with strong economies and an influx of new residents every year.

However, in spite of this much revenue, the construction industry had shrunk considerably during the Great Recession. In fact, between April 2006 and January 2011 Read More

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4 Steps to Follow After Being in a Car Accident

car accident lawyerUnfortunately, car accidents are all too common in the United States, with the top causes of accidents being from drunk drivers, distracted driving, and speeding. These accidents can range from mild fender benders to accidents that cause injuries, and one thing is for sure — no matter what kind of accident you are in, it is crucial you follow a series of steps afterward.

From calling a law office to reporting your accident with your insurance company, here are some steps you need to take after being a victim of a car accident.

Step one: Call 911
Before you even step out of your car, it is crucial you call for help. This goes even if you may not be injured because it is incredibly important to have both drivers and all passengers assessed for injuries at the scene. Not only is it a good idea to bring a neutral third party in to assess the status of everyone involved, it can be used as evidence by your car accident lawyer and insurance companies if a battle ensues.

Step two: Get a police report and the other driver’s insurance information
Always exchange information, as you will need a concrete way to identify the other person involved. A written down police report will also determine who is at fault for the accident, something that can be especially helpful down the line if you have to settle a dispute.

Step three: Check with the Department of Motor Vehicles
Even if there was minimal damage to your car, it is always wise to let the DMV know you have been in an accident. There may be a need to file a report.

Step four: If injured, contact a car accident lawyer
You will need legal advice if you plan on filing a suit against the other driver. This is especially important if you have sustained injuries, and considering that 52% of personal injuries cases relate to motor vehicle accidents, you may need some extra help in advocating for your rights.

If you have been in a car accident, make sure to follow these specific steps to ensure your safety and well-being.

For additional legal advice and counsel when it comes to car accidents, contact our experienced car accident lawyers today with any questions.

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