Month: July 2022

Ask Condemnation Attorneys Can the United States Government Take My Land?

Not many land owners know that governments can take their land to use it for public projects. This is an old law in the US that you can learn about in this video. However, the government must offer considerable compensation before taking the land. What can land owners do to ensure they are getting their rightful compensation? This is where condemnation attorneys come in.

Experienced condemnation lawyers understand how to analyze and negotiate for a higher offer.

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Even when the government claims to have granted a land owner a good market value for their property, condemnation lawyers can press for more. However, that can only be possible if the property owner has not yet signed an acceptance agreement.

Some property owners don’t know they can spend the money they have already been paid while the case is ongoing. According to condemnation attorneys, once the property owners receive compensation money, the government can’t take it back. The compensation money comes in handy to facilitate relocation for landowners who may have lost their homes. .

Expert Tips to Find the Right Bankruptcy Attorney

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If you’re facing bankruptcy, hiring a bankruptcy attorney can help you formulate a plan of repayment to get you out of crushing debt. However, not just any attorney will do. Specialization, experience, and cost are a few of the factors you need to consider before hiring a bankruptcy lawyer, among other things. This article explains how to find the right bankruptcy attorney for you.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you are looking for attorneys with experience in bankruptcy laws. Just like you wouldn’t see an orthopedic surgeon for a runny nose, you don’t want a lawyer who specializes in another area of the law. You also don’t want someone fresh out of law school, most likely. The cost may be cheaper, but they won’t have the expertise of more experienced lawyers.

You also want to see what other people have to say. Check with family and friends who have been in a similar situation. Even if they don’t know a bankruptcy lawyer, they may know another lawyer who can point you in the right direction. Check online reviews and look up client testimonials. Most lawyers and law firms have these right on their website.

Finally, schedule a consultation and get a gut feeling on the lawyer. Discuss their fee structure and see if they seem like a person you want to work with. For more information, click on the link above.