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Do You Need Legal Representation?

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Every year citizens will look for a legal representative to help them with a court case. This legal representative may be able to assist with a number of different things. Keep in mind that a legal representative can come different forms based on whatever your legal need is. The annual cost of civil lawsuits in the United States is $239 billion.

Studies show that about 1 in every 4 20-year-olds will be disabled by the time they reach the age of 67. In the year of 1980, about 13% of all bankruptcies were done by businesses where as today they only make up 3%. Out of all federal civil personal injury lawsuits, 20% come from vehicle crashes, 10% result fr Read More

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The Top Three Advantages of Hiring a Lawyer if You’ve Been Injured

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Everyone’s seen the cliche commercials trying to convince those who have been injured to hire a personal injury attorney. After a while, these ads can put you off the idea of hiring any type of lawyer after you’ve been injured.

But forget the ambulance-chasing commercials; choosing to work with a personal injury attorney after you’ve been injured is always a smart choice. This is especially true when studies show that 22% of slip and fall injuries in the workplace result in 31 or more missed days from work. Clearly, most people can’t afford not to hire a lawyer for their personal injury. Here’s a look at three more crucial reasons why you should:

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