The Top Three Advantages of Hiring a Lawyer if You’ve Been Injured


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Everyone’s seen the cliche commercials trying to convince those who have been injured to hire a personal injury attorney. After a while, these ads can put you off the idea of hiring any type of lawyer after you’ve been injured.

But forget the ambulance-chasing commercials; choosing to work with a personal injury attorney after you’ve been injured is always a smart choice. This is especially true when studies show that 22% of slip and fall injuries in the workplace result in 31 or more missed days from work. Clearly, most people can’t afford not to hire a lawyer for their personal injury. Here’s a look at three more crucial reasons why you should:

Attorneys know the legal process inside out

Most people filing personal injury lawsuits are doing so for the first time. Chances are, none of them know personal injury law as well as a professional attorney. It’s because of this that a personal injury lawyer can be a truly vital asset throughout your claim process, ensuring your claim is filed properly and getting the best possible settlement. This ultimately improves your odds and takes a huge amount of work off your hands.

Attorneys can bring your case to trial if needed

Very few personal injury cases actually make it to trial, and are instead settled out of court most of the time. If your settlement offer isn’t adequate, however, it might be wise to take the case to trial and litigate for a better settlement. This is where your personal injury lawyer will definitely come in handy. When studies show that juries are much more likely to rule against insurance companies, having an attorney representing you will let your insurance company know that you mean business.

These lawyers can help you even after your claim is settled

Did you know that many personal injury lawyers can also double as disability attorneys? Even if they can’t, they’ll likely be able to refer you to some of the best disability attorneys in your area. If your injury has caused a long-term disability, this kind of assistance will be absolutely critical ? just one more reason why personal injury lawyers can be a massive help.

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