Things That Feel Illegal But Actually Arent


Have you ever felt like something you’re doing is illegal, and then you look it up and find out it isn’t? While every state has its fair share of crazy laws, some embarrassing things are legal in every single state, no matter how wrong they feel. In this video, we will take a look at some of the most popular things that people feel wrong about doing, despite there being no laws or legislation against it. Can you guess what some of them are right off the top of your head? If you find yourself doing any of these things, worry not. You don’t need to call your attorney.

One in 80 people feel like geocaching feels illegal, mostly for using a GPS to wander around people’s property to find caches. One in 30 people feel weird about using free samples, probably because they feel like they need to buy the item afterwards.

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One in 16 people feel like laughing and having fun at work feels against the law, despite many companies encouraging and fostering a fun-filled and laid-back atmosphere. One in four people feel that staying inside when it’s sunny feels like a crime, as well as simply driving past a police car. Finally, everything feels illegal when you see a cop.


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